Teflon® Tape


Teflon® films provide a conformable release surface and exhibit a remarkably low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties.  PTFE films have high temperature resistance and are virtually unaffected by all chemicals.  At elevated temperatures, PTFE film still retains excellent tensile strength.  Service temperatures range from -100°F to +500°F (-73°F to +260°C). 


Film applications include high temperature coil and capacitor wrapping, composite bonding, masking, and conveyor release linings.


Teflon® tapes are made from either skived or extruded PTFE.  Plain is the most popular, least expensive and most versatile.  If added strength and limited stretch are required, high modulus and oriented films can be used. 


Available with both acrylic and silicone adhesive, Teflon® tapes provide excellent slip, anti-friction and release properties for a variety of non-stick applications.




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